Saturday, November 03, 2007

Scenes from the Camp

Anyway, if any of you readers are curious about the camp, here are the long awaited pictures from the camp:

This is Highland Christian Centre in Tanah Rata, where the whole UTAR CF camp was staged, campers ran wild, fun activities were held and blustery weather got the better of most people.

DUMC's Pastor Chris Kam, our camp speaker, got his birthday celebrated up in Tanah Rata with us. An honour indeed to have such person in our midst, despite being able to have his own birthday with his family.

Caterpillar. This is one game that should be categoried under "Unplayable Games", where i shall never, ever again think of putting it into my list of games to play. Neither should others be tormented, have their t-shirts pulled and dignity shred again.

Here are some examples of what we did in the workshop - creatively penning down our names, designing a tombstone for ourselves and creating our vision in life.

Here are the workshop product of mine (left) and Joshua Chin's. This jolly, bubbly dude was my workshop partner in camp.

I can't believe i got to meet many wonderful creatures in this cool place! Especially this beetle, which is big. One of the nights, Angeline was running on emotions as one as this beetle landed too close to her. And she screamed and jumped, asking me to control my pet. Honestly, i wish i could control them!

As much as i love bugs, i couldn't get over my fear of fluttering moths for the longest time i could remember. However, this fear was overcome in camp, which was an achievement for me. I'm less afraid, if not fearless, to pick up moths from the floor now!

The camp photo with (most of) the campers in it. No points for guessing where i am.

It was suddenly foggy moments before we started travelling down to KL. With the rain, we were cautious for our lives as the bus could have slip and roll over from the edge and we ending up going home instead... if you get my drift.

As we were heading home, the campers can't get enough of Choh Dai Di, as seen in the picture here with the master gambler Desmond and David. I was suppose to join them, but i was soundly sleeping all the way down to KL. The chilli effect had worn out by then.

And i need to prepare my vision and mission statement for pastor. But what can be produced of one who has neither plans nor dreams?

Love & Peace!~


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