Sunday, November 25, 2007

Smoke in Your Eyes: The Hindraf gathering

Tear gas being shot metres away from me, came down like - i saw it with my own eyes as i was on my way to church this morning.

Yes, my church is along Jalan Ampang, and if you're unaware, it's where the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) gathered to hand some petition to the British High Commission earlier today.

I pity those the crowd who had to run away coughing from the tear gas, as i drove passby them and headed to church. I personally believe that they could have done better to not hurt those people.

But then, there are demonstrators who did damaged public property, throw rocks at cars and not to mention liter the roads. Can they be a little more responsible?

Oh, do click HERE to view the video of the demonstration.

A couple of hours ago, i got an SMS from my friend, which states the following:

Riot in kl very bad.
Latest news, 3 reportd died.
Pls pray 4 mercy n self control.
Pass 2 all in Kl...

Followed by a bunch of Chinese characters which i (a banana) can't read. But it clearly has to do with danger.

Trying to verify this info i checked online, and while doing so, stated that a 20-year-old boy died in after the gangsters attacked him.

IF the agitated crowd did not dispurse by 2pm just now, tension could have built up. Went i arrived at Ampang Point, i could feel the tension between the police and the demonstrators. And even one false sneeze could have triggered chaos - ergo, we would have another Kampung Medan incident at hand.


Love & Peace!~


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