Thursday, October 25, 2007

Take Back Your Time Day: Something EVERYONE wants!

Deja vu, as again, i heard another interesting day over the radio. The same deejays were talking about it.

Once again another day has been observed, and it's called 'Take Back Your Time Day'. Held on October 24, people are encouraged to either take the day off or carve out some time for themselves, preferably spent with friends in congenial surroundings. In layman's words, it's a day to just relax and do the important things.

How often do we get too engrossed in our daily routine that we forget things which are important to us; family, friends and entertainment?

If i wanted to post this entry up last week, but i got to caught up with work. And again, i wish i could actually post this up on time.

If given to get my time back, i would want those two years that i could not get back again. Some readers know about that.

Love & Peace!~


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