Sunday, November 25, 2007

Writer's Rights: Are they doing the right thing?

It was only when i watching the rerun of the recent American Music Awards, that i realised that there's a writers strike happening in America.

This is what i got from

Economic costs mount from Hollywood writers strike
LOS ANGELES (Nov 22, 2007): The Hollywood writers strike against major studios will cost at least US$21 million a day in television production spending alone and idle 10,000 workers if it lasts much longer, experts said on Wednesday....

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And this is another arctile regarding the recent writers strike:

"A 5-year-old boy revealing the little-known connection between superheroes and the Hollywood writer's strike. A 94-year-old writer, with a resume dating back to the Marx Brothers, explaining why he supports his union. And a look at what the cinematic world would be like if professional writers weren't around to create it.

Hollywood's writers might be on strike, but that hasn't stopped their creative juices from flowing. True, their efforts aren't being channeled into episodic television or movie scripts. But the established media's loss is the Internet's gain...."

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Hopefully, all things can reach a proper settlement. I personally believe that these writers should get paid properly. Series like House, Lost and Heroes have great writers, with many witty one-liners. And shouldn't they be getting their just dessert?

Curiously, how would these people picket? I imagine them going around the companies, and holding up signs like so:

"more money Need. understand you?"
"____ ___ fill in the blanks!"
"Better pay = better scripts"
"Writer's rights are right"

On another note, it's great to know that Casting Crown won the award for the favourite artiste in the contemporary inspirational category.

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