Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Rojak Series #14

I just realised that i have not been doing TRS for a very, very long time. For your information, TRS is an entry which comprises a few short entries that happened for a certain span of time.

So, let TRS roll!

1. The Needful Things

Clothes, shelter and food; the three essentials need every human being must have to live. We need them.

On Monday, my handphone was sitting all by itself as i drove off to school. It wasn't until i wanted to contact Dr Carmen, my thesis supervisor, that i realised that it wasn't with me. And it was cumbersome since i was expecting some calls and i needed to make some as well.

To my horror, when i got back home at about 9, there were a dozen missed calls and more than five messages on my mobile. I then realised how dependent we are towards technology.

Almost everyone of my age range that i know has at least one, non-sophisticated mobile with them. And to some, it has become a lifeline in any imaginable situation. And i might be in this cluster.

Perhaps now, there are four needs in life - clothes, shelter, food and a mobile phone.... But wait, there's also the Internet and television. Shall we label them needs number five and six?

2. Recording Is Fun

As part of our Broadcast Journalism assignment, we were asked to take videos and make news. And video recording is fun. The process of taking it and later editing it is fun!

Broadcasting students must have been having a ball for awhile. But with the deadline approaching fast, my group needs to hurry up and get it done. Hopefully, we can enjoy ourselves doing it till the end.

3.Impulsive Buying

Just this week itself, i bought two shirts and a hoodie. But the best bargain was the hoodie.

I actually found it when i was trying out the first shirt i bought in a warehouse sale near UTAR PD block on Monday night. It attracted me and without thinking, showed it to Yen Yen, Pek Mei and Alex and later enquired the price. When the sales person told me the price, i myself was shocked.

Mind you, it's a GAP hooded sweatshirt! And it costed for a ridiculously low price of RM15. Yes, not RM50 or RM150, it's fifteen ringgit only! Indeed a buy.

I got the second shirt from Crazeecausa in Sg Wang for RM15, when i was out celebrating Grace's birthday there with some of my classmates.

All in all, i spent about RM60. I would not want to press the Impulse Button again. Only my wallet can stop me from spending any further.

4.November 30

In about three weeks' time, i would have to submit my thesis by then. Looks like i really have to pull up my socks and keep up to my schedule.

This deadline has driven most of my classmates crazy - many ending up being edgy. And that's without the stress from the assignments and lecture notes we have to read up.

5. Good news i

Congratulations to Mr Zachary Roland, who just got married yesterday. Pek Mei, Alex and i along with some other lecturers and staff were among the students invited by our Advertising lecturer to both the wedding and the dinner. It was good.

Many blessed days and experience to the newly weds.

6. Good news ii

I'm all happy inside, yet i have to keep it a secret. I can't really expose this for now, but what i can say is that i might not be seeing the world of journalism for about four years or so.

But perhaps this is God's hand paving my future. Perhaps.

Love & Peace!~



ashkenne said...



*must. get. wedding. gift*



WHO IS IT????????????

*is being dramatic*

Jo-Anne said...



Who is the 'she'???haha...

BlurChu? said...

Oh, Joanne(s)!

Chill down and lower down the drama.

His wife used to be his student, back in the days before UTAR. Don't really know her, but they are happy together.

All the best to them!