Saturday, October 13, 2007

Two Days Up Ipoh.

As i'm typing out this entry, i'm trying my best to recuperate and get enough sleep from the trip Ipoh.

On Thursday, Cheong Keen, Dewgem, Jing Hau, Justin and i embark on a gastronomical trip to Ipoh with Joanne Lee guiding us around. We may have left PJ later than expected, but we did arrive in Ipoh city in time for tea.

We ate a lot. From fried kuey teow to chicken and bean sprouts and beef noodles to shaved ice with fruits and dim sum. It was all good and surprisingly affordable compared to the cost in KL (though the same can't be applied for the dim sum). Travelling in Ipoh in two cars, we got lost every once in awhile, but had much fun in gossiping talking with one another in the car as we searched for food.

On Friday, after the breakfast, both Dewgem and Justin left for Melaka, but not without tricking me into believing that the bus had left when instead it was delayed! Argh!

Uncle Lee, Joanne's dad was not only kind enough to spend the rest of us lunch in Chemor, but he's an excellent driver. While the four of us were asleep, he manage to manuver his cute little Kancil through the limited space when i accidentally blocked the car in front of his house. And he was just generous. My gratitude goes to him.

After two rounds of dinner and supper cum Cheong Keen's birthday celebration on Friday night, we went back to Joanne's place to pack up to head for KL. At 2am, we drove back and five hours later, i was in Setapak with Joanne at Rowen's place, droozy; after dropping off Cheong Keen and Jing Hau at their homes in Kepong and Cheras respectively.

In a nutshell, it was a good road trip, and hopefully, wouldn't be my last. I'll come back for more food next time. Many live the reverse motto, but i believe that 'we eat to live and not eat to live'.

Got to get some sleep now. Oh, and Selamat Hari Raya.

Love & Peace!~


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