Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boss's Appreciated.

Today, what the deejays talked over the radio caught my attention. Well, Secretary's Day is somewhat common, but have you heard of Boss's Day?

Yes, such day exist and the deejays chatter about it over the air. And the best part is, this event is celebrated... today! Every Oct 16 since the 1960s. The whole celebration is basically done to thank corporate superiors for being kind and fair throughout the year. Click HERE for more details.

I guess many readers can relate to this celebration as their still studying. But i'm not surprise if those who are working are quietly murmering as they reminiscing they encounter with their own boss.

But you don't have to be own your own business or be have employees to celebrate it - just go to any mamak stall and call out to the workers there. They'll sincerely call you boss and serve you (and you can call him boss as well!)

Taiko, enjoy!

Love & Peace!~


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