Sunday, October 14, 2007

Purpose Driven Life: UTAR CF Camp 2007

It has been more than a week since the UTAR CF Camp, organized by us UTAR CF PJ campus committee. And boy, was it exhilarating!

Held in Highland Christian Centre in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland, the camp was held from Oct 3 - Oct 6, 2007 with over 60 campers from all the four faculties in campuses in UTAR.

Pastor Chris, the camp speaker, led the workshop sessions; which were insightful. We talked a lot about tombstone, creating visions and mission statements and how we should live our lives by planning ahead. Morbid and taboo as it sounds, but death is something we should look forward to as we leave this earth for eternity. He advised us to prepare for life after death - eternity in heaven! After all, i remember someone telling me that there are two certainites in life; death and taxes.

it was a refreshing experience as this time, We had full workshop sessions instead of having both sermons and workshop in a camp. At least the campers get to participate most of the time. And most of the campers came to live when pastor started talking about boy-girl relationship issues during the last session of the camp.

Being held in Cameron Highlands, there were bugs, insects and more bugs everywhere. I did manage to get over my fear of fluttering moths. And unfortunately, discovered those who killed moths at the same time!

As i was in-charged of games and ice-breakers, i would say that i was under-prepared as i underestimated the time i had in preparing the games prior to camp and overestimated my own capabilities in executing them. Few glitches here and there, but in was a surprising outcome when many campers actually enjoyed the night game. They were excitingly running around and participating in the night game - detective solving-game via station games. It wouldn't happened that well if it wasn't for the cooperation between the committee members in executing the station games and the suspects acting out their roles sarcastically well!

As the last night was a sleep free night, some of us decided to skip sleeping time and continued playing cards till the break of dawn. I could barely keep my eyes open... until i ate breakfast. The burning, white label chilli sauce kept me awake for the next five hours up to the point we packed up and headed down for PJ. Then, i was sleeping like a baby on the way back for the next few hours.

My only regret is that i wish i had known the campers better then.

If i were to sum up the whole experience in a phrase, it would be eye-opening!

Whether i managed to find my muse again, it's a different story. But nonetheless, the camp was awesome!

Love & Peace!~



lynnx01 said...

I googled about the angkasawan after people telling me he is g*y. And ended up on your blog. Found out you stay in Sri Petaling (near where I stay) and that you just had your CF Camp. So coincidentally I just came back from my CF Camp evaluation where I was also in-charged of ice-breakers and games. What a coincidence. Hehe!

BlurChu? said...

Hmmm... what are the odds!

And i guess your camp was good, Lynnx01?

Funny how you ended up on my blog, those i did not mention anything about his sexual orientation here. Is he, by the way?