Thursday, September 27, 2007

Work, Fun and More Work!

More than a week has passed since i sat for my last paper. Besides staying at home and help watch guard over the renovation being done in the house, i've been enjoying myself a little.

After the exam, a few of my classmates and i went to The Curve, though it ended up splitting into two groups; Pek Mei and me watching Evan Almighty and had dinner at TGI Friday after (and she still owes me money!) While Alex, Chee Been, Chin Han, Eu Wah, Soo Yee and Yen Yen enjoyed themselves singing all the way in Red Box. We met up later for a drink at Damansara Perdana before heading home.

But that wasn't the end.

On Thursday, we (except Chee Been and Pek Mei) went to Sunway Lagoon and had a great time in both the theme park and the water park. While the rest were terrified by the stomach-wrenching 360 degrees-spin ride, i got my dosage of adrenaline rush from all the excitement.

At the same time, i learn that i should wear sandles, dress light and carry less the next time i come by the amusement park.

And in between last week and this week, there was a whole lot of manga reading; notably XXXHolic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Trigun Maximum, Beck and Bleach!

On a brighter note, there're two things i'm currently thankful for:

1. I've passed all my papers, including the two resit papers! And now my thesis and CF camp duty can get my attention.

2. Deus ex machina came in the form of Ms Angelina! Receiving her call a couple of hours back was indeed uplifting and encouraging. Not to mention also the help she's offering the camp comittee.

I've got reasons to smile.

Love & Peace!~


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