Saturday, September 01, 2007

Semi-dislocated = Halfway Relocated?

If you have not already known, i was involved in an accident in the end of April, which resulted in me fracturing my right arm. Had to put on a cast and after that, went (and still is) for physiotherapy sessions. Fast forward four months, the humerus has joined back. However, my arm is still not functioning properly, yet.

I'm currently suffering from subluxation. What Greek am i talking? Well, it's basically incomplete or partial dislocation of a bone in a joint - in this case, my right shoulder. It is as if i'm walking in both the worlds of the ables and the disables.
It has been awhile, if you have noticed, that my right shoulder seemed somewhat smaller, weird. While i met the doctor in the hospital to get a letter, stating that i could not write during my exams, he noted that my arm doesn't look right, for a person who has had his arm off the cast for more than a month. And after an x-ray and check-up by several doctors, it was concluded that it was subluxation. Muscle wastage that happened in the right shoulder that failed to keep my arm in its position.

Taking off my t-shirt again and again for the doctors was a little frustrating. It would make any gay doctor, well, gay (either way)!

Apparently, the doctor told me that this case is uncommon, but it wasn't so much of out of the pan into the fire. However, worst case scenario if my condition doesn't improve is that i would have to undergo surgery to pull up my right arm to its original position.

from where i'm seeing it, it's just something temporary. Looking like i would have to kick my exercises into a higher gear and try to push myself a little harder. Hopefully, i would have to put on proper gear for physiotherapy now....

Kisuke Uruhara

Ichigo Kurosaki

Kisuke Uruhara: See? Now isn't the time to be embarassed right?

Ichigo Kurosaki: Don't act like this has nothing to do with YOU!
Damn it! Guess i have no choice...

Err... take this! The powers of justice! Justice Armor Justice HACHIMAKI (headband)!
Kisuke Uruhara: Wow...! You actually DID it...!!

Ichigo Kurosaki: You BASTARD!!

Taken from Kubo Tite's manga Bleach, (Chapter 60: Lesson 2-1: Down!! )

Love & Peace!~


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