Monday, September 24, 2007

Can You Help Others When You Can't Help Yourself?

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This evening, i was abruptly awaken by a phone call from a church member. Asking me how i was doing and if i had classes was the secondary reason. The whole reason she called was because she wanted me to talk to Sy (not real name. But if you get my drift, do keep this to yourself).

Oh... i heard from his mom in mid April that he was back from Australia. After telling her that my mobile phone number has not changed, i waited for Sy to drop me a line, or an SMS message. Nothing.

Anyway, fast forward to the present - the church member told me that Sy was bogged down with some problems. He has not been going out, staying a lot in his room and was objecting his parents demands. Not to mention, he's unemployeed.

But here's the catch; although Sy and i were classmates in high school, we weren't close after we SPM was over as we went our seperate ways. In actual fact, the friends closes to him in church have already left church quite sometime ago for the same, if not similar, reason(s).

Dropped by his blog recently, only to find out that he has not been blogging since the end of March, about the time he returned back to Malaysia.

In short, he's not doing as well as one would expect after graduation (like other friends i know of).

Personally, i find it hard to click with him now. To tell him what's been going on around me, like telling him that Justin's getting married, Ernest is now studying in Terengganu or even the church will be shifting out of Ampang Point.... Trying to chat with him would probably be step one all over again.

I wonder, if the Bible did state love your neighbour like you love yourself, does that mean it's okay to hate your neighbour if you hate yourself? Surely, many youths who dislike their body figure or current growing pains would, if not ponder, agree with me.

In a self-centered, cold world, aid comes with strings attached - an equal exchange for the help received. Of course, people would question why should they help someone without getting anything in return. But should they be the way? If no one decides to lend a helping hand and only expect something in return, selflessness will be a virtue loss.

Perhaps we should help others without expecting anything in return. It is a reward in itself. And maybe, such favor will be repay when the time comes.

I think i should do Sy a favor and drop him a visit.

"...I wake up after seeing the beginning of my dream
but i'll grasp what happens after that with my arms

Yes, the most important things are always
the ones with no form
Even if you obtain it or lose it,
you do not notice

So turn your sadness into kindness
And your uniqueness into strength
it's okay to get lost, so begin walking
once again..."

Taken and translated from Little by Little's Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni

Love & Peace!~


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