Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cool Stuffs

Finally, it had arrived!

Last December, i won My Chemical Romance's latest album, The Black Parade through a Traxx fm contest. And a couple of days back, the CD was delivered to my front door. After hearing it once, two words come to my mind; gothic rock. And i have to admit, it rocks.

On a (b)lighter note, check out this adorable thing in my palm.

*Argh* I'm speechless, it said.

It's an interesting story to how i discovered this little cutie.

It was at the busy foyer in the campus, when i spotted a little brown bun on the floor. Curious, i picked it up, and it gave me that blank, speechless look. I went speechless as well, staring back at it.

Since then, i've became it's owner. Known as FMT (Fried Man Tou), this soft toy doubles a stress reliever. Guess i'll keeping this dude with me till it's real owner comes to claim it.

This ain't your cheap, ordinary alarm clock. It's a cheap, extraordinarily cool alarm clock!

After a mamak session last week, David Heng, Dewgem, Joshua Wong and i subbled on this stall selling this alarm clocks. From a distance, i was enticed by the colours radiated by these devices. Needed a clock, i asked the stall manager for the price.

And low and behold, it costed only RM10! A price deemed fit for my budget. Without thinking to much, i bought this alarm clock!

It's hot - burning-coal, red hot!

Soon after, David got one for himself. But it was Joshua who took the cake when he came back to purchase TWO of this gadget!

Look at how funky psychedelic purple can be... it's deep.

Nope.... This an no Kyprtonite. But it's gloomily green!

Being able to change into seven different colours, this toy is indeed eye-catching. I can watch it turn from green-to-yellow-to-orange-to-red-to-purple-to-blue all night long!

Now, it has turn ice cool blue.

And wow... the final item that i bought (without much thought given) last week was the second-hand SX Jazz Bass Guitar! For a whoopingly low RM550, it's now in my hands.

Surprisingly, my dad didn't make over the issue, nor did he went into a cardiac arrest. Anyway, all i need to do now is to get a strap, a casing for my sayang and a cable to get going with this funky ax!

(There goes my money... ouch)

Love & Peace!~



spiral said...

Wahhh nice alarm clock!! wher u get it?? im lookin for an alarm clock too! mine jus broke down lol..

kat said...

hey bernard!
my sis got the same clock! cool rite.. hehe. my mom jst stumbled upon it somewhere at home. a gift apparently.
jst an excuse to say hi!

BlurChu? said...

Hey, Shawn!

Got it from a stall near SS2 Murni, but it's also available in any pasar malam... i think.

And that's a cool excuse, Kat! HAHAHA!~ Thanks. Will try visiting your blog soon, ok? Me very busy now.