Thursday, January 11, 2007

Finally - Updated.

Now i can update my blog. But when i am able to do so, i can post my the blog entry i wanted, for some strange reason.

That behind, i just got my past semester's examination results. Despite passing both papers, my overall CGPA dropped. I'm now in stuck on how i'm going to bring this piece of news to my father. *sigh*

From this exam results, i know that i'm a B- student if i don't study. Yes, i didn't study for these papers and went into the examination hall headstrong with just my understanding on the subjects.

And i got a C for Moral. Just now classmate, Soo Yee was joking with me about how tak bermoral i am. *ouch* And i heard from Adeline that those who score A for Moral, have no life. *double ouch*

Looks like i have to study really hard for the last three semesters here in UTAR to maintain my CGPA above 3.2 points.

And my computer's having some issues. Or is it the Internet?

Love & Peace!~


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