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A Report of the UTAR Christian Fellowship Camp: Soar Like An Eagle

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It has been a month since the 2nd UTAR Christian Fellowship (CF) Camp. Below are brief details of the camp;

Theme: Soar Like An Eagle
Date: 5th - 8th October 2005
Venue: Golden Sands, Port Dickson
Speaker: Bro Keith of City Harvest Church, KL

I'm not going to write my camp experience like a camp log, like what i did for the last UTAR Camp. Instead, I’m going to write it all in an entry, and external links to other blogs/websites for extra info.

A game of Captain Ball by the seaside

When a person signs up for a camp, one would probably expect one of the two: A renewal encounter with God or excitement from the activities held throughout the period of stay. I was expecting of both elements. We left from UTAR PD Block in PJ in the morning, and zoomed of to Golden Sand, PD (repetition not intended). Upon arrival, we divided ourselves into groups.

The first Ice breaker we had. Here, I was not only the first to participate in this game, but also the first camper to hurt hims/herself. Scraped my right elbow for being too hyped playing this game.

First, dorm groups, then game group. I shared my dorm with hommies like Lai Seng, Joshua Ng, Calvin Loo, Wen Chung and later, Pastor Andrew (who joined us on the third day of camp.) As a group, we are to look out for each other, and make sure the dorm key is with one of the members. Plus, we did devotion together.

In my game team, the BLUE TEAM, were Hui Wen (Game co-ordinator), Joshua Ng, Jocelyn Yeoh, Margaret, Mary, Mun Kit, Pamela, Racheal Lee, Simon and myself as the motivative and opponent-taunting group leader.

BLUE TEAM, with Nancy Low (lower left), the Game Coordinator

As a team we played hard, co-operated in unity and acted in one accorded. It was no surprise that we won not only the best team, but also best drama (acting the scene of Elijah and the false prophets from the book of 1 Kings.) Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team members:

To Hui Wen, for being a supportive game co-ordinator, giving us tips and hints, here and there. To Joshua Ng, though he maybe blur, but he sure knows what to do and have fun at the same time!
To Jocelyn Yeoh, for holding down the ball during the game, and helping others when it was needed.
To Margaret Lee, for being Queen Jezebel and sacrificed her hair to cheap gel in one of the games.
To Mary Khoh, for being a natural fairy (again) for the team.
To Mun Kit, for being the widow's son and had half his face creamed for us to shoot peanuts into it.
To Pamela Por, for giving emergency ideas and figuring out what the others were drawing behind your back.
To Racheal Lee, the widow, for being super euthusiastic in whatever we did.
And lastly, to Simon Lai, the evil multi-talented genius, who can do almost anything but be serious!

A picture of the BLUE TEAM, with Margaret (sitted on the chair in the middle) as the hair model.

Kevin Khoo, as usual, comes up with something like this.

The camp speaker, Brother Keith, is indeed an interesting chap. One of the pastoral staff of City Harvest Church, KL, not only did he preached good messages, he also tried to get the campers attention, as he does not want the campers to miss out on message (I guess all pastors should try working hard to catch the attention of their audiences.)

Bro Keith (left), the camp speaker receiving a token of appreciation from Dean Lai of FAM.

In the sessions, he spoke about passion, faith, attitude and vision of a Christian youth. In a nutshell, all his sermons were about how to live zealously for God as a young Christian in the world today. It’s important to have a heart of worship and living our dreams to the fullest according to God’s plan.

But the greatest thing about him is his gift of interceding. During the alter call, I came forward, and he laid his hand on me, and prayed. I just cried there and then, as what he prayed for me touched my heart, and so did the Holy Spirit. I’ve never felt or cried like that in a very long time. I just kneed on my knees and prayed. His presence was indeed in our mist at that moment. In fact, it was all the time, but we’re blinded by the things around us daily, that we fail to hear His voice. But at that moment, when everything around me was totally shut off, He was there among us. I want to run after God like how David did, and I want to fulfill what He has planned for me.

I believe God places you in a dire situation not for kicks. Like how Job was tested by devil with a series of misfortunate events, God allows such things to happen so that we may turn to Him, and seek Him daily. He wants us to realize that we need Him. Without His strength, we’re weak. Without His guidance, we’re lost. Without Him, we are nothing.

Given little sleep, food and an overdose of creativity, campers can go to the extreme in whatever they do. Take this picture of Joshua as Bathsheba for explain. I rest my case.

Overall, the camp was great. And i feel that i need to pursuit Jesus in this constant, ever-challenging battle called LIFE.

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The campers of Soaring Like An Eagle Camp.

Love & Peace!~


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