Thursday, November 17, 2005

Have a great day.

Having a bad day?

Well, during this holiday period, i've discovered (and rediscovered) a few things that you can do that can brighten up your day and turn your frown upside down.

  1. Sleep early
  2. Give people around you a smile
  3. Relax and chill out doing the things you like
  4. Think positive
  5. Exercise at least twice a week
  6. Listening to your favourite music/CD
  7. Trusting your life in Jesus Christ!

If you're a believer, do remember not only to do your devotion daily, but to pray and maintain a constant walk with the LORD.

If you're not one, accept Him into your life. What's there to lose?

I feel great! All glory to Jesus!

Love & Peace!~



Justin said...

BWUAHAHAHA!!! Bernard... I HAVE TONS OF ANIME!!! I've recently discovered that I'm not alone in the anime scene over here. It seems that many (and I mean MANY) guys share the passion of watching anime. Sher thinks its the big boobs on the ladies but I think its the story, the action, the... drawings?

Well, just to make you drool, I've recently acquired anime's like Witch Hunter Robin, Scrapped Princess, Jewel in the Palace, Gundam Seed, Full Metal Panic 1, Full Metal Panic Second Raid, and Full Metal Panic Fumoofu. These were obtain via my good friends over here. I've also acquired Samurai Champloo and BECK on my own together with all till the latest episodes of Bleach not to mention Blue Submarrine 6 and Macross Zero. Going to obtain the full series of Shaman King on Monday.

*accompanied by an evil snicker*

oliver said...

BWUAHAHAHA!!! Bernard... I DON'T HAVE TONS OF ANIME!!!......anyway don't know what to write so i'm going to stop here....

BlurChu? said...


I've got no time to watch anime!

And is SAMURAI CHAMPLOO worth watching? I'm planning to get SAMURAI 7 + GUNGRAVE.

Read BLEACH till the MENOS GRANDE part there. Still far away.

Justin, tell Sher to watch FRUITS BASKET and INUYASHA, and ask her if anime still rocks!



Justin said...

Yo Bernard, I almost had a major blunder. As you saw
in my previous post, I mentioned about "Jewel in the
Palace"? I tell you... I couldn't have been further
from the truth. Let me tell you what happened lah.

Borrowed an 80gig external hard drive from an anime
junkie. Amongst the folders of animes was this folder
entitled "Jewel in the Palace Complete". As naive as I
normally am, I thought it was another complete anime.
I couldn't open it coz it was in an unknown format to
me. It was huge (75 episodes spanning 14gigs).

So the night before I went to burn those animes unto
dvds in the uni com lab, Fred wanted to have a peep
into the contents of that HD. So, he was also
wondering what was this "Jewel" all about. We decided
to have a preview. The starting was clad with chinese
characters that reminded us of a Hong Kong production
show. I actually thought it was fishy. Anyway, brushed
that off awaiting anxiously of the unknown "anime".
Then the horror was revealed. KOREAN SOAP OPERA!!!

Thank goodness I didn't burn it first and watched it later. It would have cost me 3 and a half dvds for something I didn't want to watch. Fooh...


BlurChu? said...


Justin. I sort of expected THAT to be the Korean Soap Opera since you mentioned it here on my blog.



efferstine said...

turn your smile upside down? which means a frown?

BlurChu? said...

Hmm... Joanne!

You do have sharp eyes! Finally, someone spotted a mistake in my entry!

HAHAHA!~ Time to change the mistake.