Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Christian music in local airwaves!

Relient K.

Relient K's Be My Escape on Traxx FM! I was shocked to hear that a Christian song made airwaves here.

I've heard other songs, like Jars of Clay's Liquid and Flood (the remixed version), and Switchfoot's Dare You To Move, Meant to Live, and Stars on radio before. (Stars is still on air, and it's many's favorite!) And those songs are awesome!

Jars of Clay performing in at The University of Texas at Austin. Seen here is lead singer, Dan Haseltine
Switchfoot comprises of (from left) Chad Butler (on drums), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboards), Jon Foreman (vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass) and Andrew Shirley (guitar - not in picture)

And once I heard in F.O.S. in One Utama the song, Gone by TobyMac (one of trio of DC Talk). Interesting.

TobyMac of DC Talk.

I mean, i once heard from Andy Yeoh, of Altered Frequency, that Hitz.fm played their song, Exalted on air once, but the deejay got a piece of the management's mind, and didn't play the song again. But then again, Altered Frequency has another song being played on XFresh FM, which will be in their up-coming second album.

Fortunately, there're songs from other Malaysian Christian artist/bands, like Juwita Suwito and Fallen Leaves that are still on air.

Not only are Malaysian bands getting better nowadays, but local and foreign Christian music is making its way into a radio set near you!

Love & Peace!~


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