Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blogging: Year Two

Time does fly by in a blink, and i've just realised that i've been blogging for more than a year!

Hmm.... Looking back at past entries, i dare say that i'm humiliated by the way i wrote last time, and what i used to post on this blog. But as time passes by, so does the style of writing, content and what i put into the blog. I guess we do change as time passes by, and a change does do you good, doesn't it?

Click HERE to see my first post.

And till today, i'm lagging behind numerous number of stuff that i should be putting up here! Sorry for keeping you readers waiting.

This is a fluke picture of me.... Spooky, eh? One of the first pictures posted on my blog.

Love & Peace!~



oliver said...

hoi bernard you punya pasalah........now i already got addicted to sudoku....you better find a cure for this disease or else you will not be seeing your krekos anymore..............ha....ha....ha....

Isaac Chan said...

Your blog, blurchu.blogspot.com, is worth $12,419.88

not bad, in 2 years, you gain USD12k!


joshua_entol_85 said...

hay BERNY,

haha... 2 years is not long ya... i would like to c ur blog is still no for the next 2 years ya.... to the future!!!


BlurChu? said...


Sorry for getting you involved, Oliver. I guess the best cure is to solve that puzzle fast!

And it's really worth that much ah, En Ze? Cool!

Still "no" or "on," Joshua? I would like to see you soon dude!