Saturday, October 10, 2009

Run For The Nation 2008

I did it! I ran the race and finished it well!

Technically, it was more of completing one leg of the race of about 30 minutes jogging and praying here on the island.

Melissa D, Aunty Moy and myself were among the 1,700 odd runners participating in the Run For the Nation this morning. Besides us, Melissa D's brother Ericson participated as well, along with several other church members such as Steven, Sarah, Wai Wai and Pei Li. Oh, and Pastor Thom who was one of the people coordinating this event on the island.

What we did was walked around designated area for about 4km, as we suppose to pray for the area and the people there, as well as several prayer pointers given to us, which encompass the government, economy, education, etc.

Out of all who participated, about 92 participants run on the island. Divided into three groups, the first teams started off from different points at about 5am! Melissa D, Aunty Moy and myself formed one of two teams representing RGBC, and we started off near the old Sunshine Farlim about 9am.

Our route was from there, passing through Jalan Paya Terubong, going up near the Penang Hill lower station and ending near Asia Cafe. The journey was not easy. My dear and i did a little training, but it did a number on our legs. Even as i'm typing this entry, my legs still hurts and i'm very sleeping.

Well, the three of us jogged and prayed (me walking more as i carried more weight.) And as we were going along, it did showered for awhile. As we continued jogging and praying, i left like the rain was a vision; where the desert was thirsty for the rain, like the people here are thirsty and need God's Word.

Despite feeling tired, we continue to soldier on. Aunty Moy, Melissa D and myself, in this order, reached our destination within the stipulated time. I really praise God for the strength to bring us through this. We even walked a little more to church, which was the main gathering place after the run.

I was an experience, and if Aunty Moy, who is over 60 can pace herself well and jog and pray for 30 minutes, those half her age should not have any reasons not to join next year's run!

We're looking forward to next year's run, which falls on May 23! Do join and run for the nation!

Now, for sushi dinner with my dear!~

Love & Peace!~


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