Friday, October 02, 2009

I survived!

I can’t believe I manage to survive two things: The tremor from the 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Padang, West Sumatra on Wednesday evening and World Vegetarian Day yesterday.

Let’s start off with the latter – I spent the day being a vegetarian yesterday.

Technically, I abstained from any kind of meat for one day to observe this day. So, how did I do it. Here’s what I had yesterday:

For breakfast –Two slices of bread with pasta sauce and a cup of yogurt.

Lunch –Vegetarian banana leaf rice and teh tarik

Dinner – a Veggie Delite Subway sandwich and mango pudding.

Supper – plain tosai and teh tarik

Snacked on nuts and buns also.

Well, I believe there’re many ways to go meatless for one day… it’s tough, but I survived. Not to mentioned my colleagues had pizza for lunch! But nonetheless, I would want to try to reduce meat, if not completely eliminate it, from my meals. It’s a challenge, but if it helps me with my health, I’m willing to try.

Well, World Meatless Day falls on Nov 25. Let’s see if I can make it, again!~

Anyway, on Wednesday, I experience was it was like to feel an earthquake. As I was sitting in front of the computer, I felt ‘the room’ moving a little. And as I focused, I could see the window blinds moving. And it hit me – I was in a midst of an earthquake… which appeared on the news. The tremor was even felt by Melissa D at her home in Rifle Range!

Fortunately, no one was injured here in Malaysia and there was no tsunami here on the island; just big waves which were non-threatening. But I sympatise with those who lost their family and loved ones in the quake in Indonesia. What a disaster. My prayers are for them.

I wonder if these have anything to do with the climate change?

Love & Peace!~



Jocelyn said...

Haha! good thing your vegeterian day is not a diet day. though there's no meat but its so fattening! hehehe. banana leaf for a vege day is good! not tough at all.. :) take care. Cheers!

BlurChu? said...


Well, i have to admit, i ate a little too much lah. Must control.

Oh, meatless day is coming up! Me up for the challenge. What about you?


Jocelyn said...

Haha yes! diet diet diet! me too have to be on one. 25 Nov? im up for it! :)