Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Wheels Of The Bus Goes...

With the recent commercial vechile accidents turning up in our local daily, i just want those wheels to keep moving. I wonder if the public can don any fear of public transportation by now. But i suppose the need for these vehicle to get from point A to point B surpasses those fear.

Reading the news, i can't believe people with unpaid summones and vehicles that somewhat failed yearly inspections can be left running on the road as if it was in prime condition. Who are they kidding?!

Hopefully, bus operators can take helm of a more responsible role in putting the safety of their passengers first, rather than profit.

And i pray, when Ernest comes back home from Terengganu later today, he'll be home in one piece, on a bus which has more than a smiling, friendly bus driver in it.

Love & Peace!~


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