Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Call the Police... or not!

Last night, after dropping off Joanne Lee at her place when we were heading back home from the short, pleasant meeting with Justin Tan in Sg Long, Dewgem and i were stopped by the police.

Reason: speeding along the highway.

This was the first time i was pulled over by the police, and i was a little nervous.

The policeman came to my car, and told me i was speeding over the designated speed limit.

It was near the exit towards Taman Connaught, where the highway was the steepest. On a normal day, i would speed up along that road and before reaching that exit, i would engage to free gear and let my car move by itself; speeding down to about 90-105kmph. So technically, i wasn't speeding- my car just gradually got faster with momentum and speed.

"U mau bayar sekarang atau nak saman?" he asked, as he was looking at his ticket book.

With my mp3 player blarring Lifehouse's Am I Ever Going To Find Out over the speaker, i politely asked for the ticket. I don't believe in bribing (or cheating, for that matter) to get out of any sticky situation.

He replied, "U tak mau bayar ka? U mau saman ah?"

"Ya, boleh bagi saya samanlah," I told him, as i held up my left hand.

"I tak suka orang macam u lah. U pergilah!" he scolded me, as he left my car. So, i decided to leave the scene and send Dewgem back home.

"Did you see whether he wore the 'Saya Anti Rasuah' badge?" Dewgem asked.

I couldn't remember whether he did or not... or did he cover it up as he was talking to me. And the speech above was somewhat like that lah....

But getting away without needing to pay was a great relief at about 2am in the morning.

Anyway, what i discover from last night's incident:

1. 80kmph Speed Limit!

Yes, that's the speed limit along the Kesas Highway. I believe Sharon Kee can testify to that, ya? I now know that i should not try speeding, free gear or not, after 12am along the road.

2. Old habits die hard

This is truly a case of harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. If they are not pulling up their socks in trying to improve their image and performance, this stereotype would keep ringing in the community.

3. It pays to be honest
Cheating/Compromising can only take you so far. If i were to give in and pay them some coffee money, not only will i be real short on cash, but i would feel really, really guilty deep down in my gut. Being honest will take you way so much further! And in my case, no unneccesary spending!

4. Heads up
To Rowen, remember, you might be issued a summon, though technically, it's my car and it was me behind the wheel!

I guess i should stop here, or i'll end up in the same mess like some certain Taiwan university student who rapped the national anthem was in, and have to apologies over the Internet for the mistake done; and ending up humiliating the Malaysia blogsphere.

"...Call the police coz I've lost control and I really want to see you bleed
I can't do nothing if I can't do something my way
I must be crazy if I follow every word you say
When the shit comes down you'll be the first to walk away"

Taken from James Morrison's Call The Police

Love & Peace!~



doulos said...

hello there Bernard, Doulos here, long time no see, 2 weeks ago I experienced the same thing along the road of Museum Negara, as you said, honesty pays :)

Anonymous said...

He did NOT humiliate the Malaysian blogosphere. He was humiliating the very crap that you just wrote about...as well as other negative crap thats all too true in Malaysia.

The Malaysian government humiliated the Malaysian blogosphere with the lawsuits and illegal arrests against CERTAIN bloggers. *coughjeffooinathanieltancough* The Malaysian government is in fact, adept at humiliating itself very much on its own(and occasionally, tru certain dumb ministers) without the help of its bloggers or citizens.

And now Namewee is even gonna pass out CD's in a month or so. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x0grVUx-Vc. So much for enforcement of law.

- Nemo

BlurChu? said...

Hello, Doulos! Thanks for dropping by here!

And Mr Tan, me just don't want to be the downfall of blogosphere. HAHAHA!~