Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm No Poet

Like Issac Mendez who paints a figment of the future while stoned, i write poems while i'm half-awake. I drowzily write poems something without knowing i can write one.

Last semester, i wrote one for the competition, organised by the English Language Society in the campus after being asked by one of my friends to joined. Even Alex Woon took up the challenge. With the theme was "The Language of Love", i decided to give it a shot.

My poem was entitled "The Affectionate Talk Blues"

Anyway, here's the poem:

Red roses wither, chocolate melts
Unwelcome have I entered within
Telling me something’s off-key
Hundreds of hours have I lingered
Lamenting in darkness I have.

Say those words beyond comprehension
Speak lines that transcend time
Shout and break language barriers
Scream till your lungs collapse
Silence – when you’re close by.

Gaming with confusion and complications
As I fall for you
Distance and time matters not
When your hand’s in mine
When my heart’s with yours.

Smiling when I see you
Listening to the strumming music
Fingers touching your tender skin
Your scent dazzles the nose
Can jubilation taste this heavenly?

Blissfulness in eyes I see
Contentment sings this lonesome soul.

The chocolate taste familiarly pleasant;
It’s rosy, bitter and sweet.

In the end, this poem landed me in third place. This poem can still be seen in the English Language notice board in my campus.

Love & Peace!~


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