Monday, April 16, 2007

Smilling With Mouth Wide Open!

I can’t stop licking the back of my teeth. It feels so clean!

When I was younger, I rarely went to the dentist. Visits to the dentist’s office was solely to put out a bad tooth. It was my two numbskulls-for-siblings, Rowen and Ernest, who would visit the dentist to get their teeth filled; and a couple of years back, Ernest got his braces.

I didn’t fulfill the quota of getting a dental check-up every six months. So, the last time I visited a dentist was many, many moons ago! Till this afternoon.

Following my dad's intruction, i drove myself down to Petaling Bahagia Government Dentist, which is a ten-minute drive from my house. After two registrations (i registered at the wrong clinic before realising that the dentist was just beside the health clinic!) and a surprisingly short wait, I walked into the dentist’s office.

And for the first time, i got my teeth scaled. Ten minutes with the dentist was almost agonising, as she scaled my teeth with this little drill/water-pressure gadget in my mouth as i hold this tiny vacumm tube to suck out water and saliva from under my tongue (perhaps she doesn't want me to choke on my own saliva, or drool all over during the procedure).

No way on earth would i want teeth like D-Roy, one of the Arrancars from Bleach.

I can’t stop licking the back of my teeth.

Besides that, I had one tooth filled today (another first time for me!), and I’ll be getting two other decayed teeth filled next month.

Heard of the karma phrase "what goes around comes around"? I still remember this one time, where i laughed at my friend when he had an ulcer in his mouth, and a few days later i had not one, but TWO ulcers in my mouth. I can imagine my brothers laughing as my stainless record of good teeth has been broken.

Goodbye to those days i could eat ice and anything without complaining of sensitive teeth. Looks like i have to take care of my diet (for weight-wise as well). At least I can eat with both sides of my mouth!

I can’t stop licking the back of my teeth. Did i said that just now?

A RM3.7mil smile, brought to you by Chip Skylark of The Fairly Odd Parents.

Love & Peace!~


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Anonymous said...

Please, how can I get directions to this Petaling Bahagia Govt Clinic?
Do they charge expensive?