Monday, March 12, 2007

Those Melaka Days.

I was suppose to post this up a couple of weeks back. Anyway, here's a picture entry on some of the things i did and place i went while i was taking a break in Melaka.

Here, my adventure to Melaka begins. One step at a time.

The aftermath from feasting on Satay Celup. *Yummy*

Sin Yee and Ian Lee, the first pair of culprits involved with this aftermath.

Second pair of couple, David and Dewgem here with us at the scene of crime!

Chicken ball rice Chicken Rice Balls... as yummy as it sounds, it's a tongue-twister as well!

Watch out human traffic on Jonker Street as people walk by to shop. Not much to see, as we walked there on a weeknight.

One making a wish here. One wonders what wish to make. One thinks of the wish to make. One ponders if wish made was for himself or selflessly for another. One examines the hundreds of copper and silver coins at the bottom. One questions if he's wasting his money on this....

When things are tough, you need to take control of the sail and move along.

I wanted to re-enact a scene from Pirates of the Carribeans, but i feared that i might end up being another patient in House.

Imaging singing Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars while lying down on the floor of the museum. Even Dewgem decided to bail out on us at the last minute. We were motionless on the floor.

As we decided to take a break and post for the camera.

While people like Issac Mendez and Nathan Petrelli (of the TV series Heroes) have the ability to paint the future and fly, respectively, i ened up with the ability to attarct fishes. Interesting, since fish isn't my best liked meat dish.

I bet Rowen's envious when i show his this picture of arms collection here. But then again, he has seen better.

When you're lost, is best to stop and ask the locals on where's the next best cendol stall.

Sorry Justin Tan... no photos of you. Blame the cameraman (or in this case, camerawoman!) Anyway, all was fun, even till we headed back to KL. Though, i slept (a little) while driving back on the highway.

Love & Peace!~


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