Friday, March 09, 2007

Ivory of Age

Can't believe it happened to me. It's horrifying!

Last night, while helping out Pek Mei with her group assignment, she spotted a strain of white hair on my head. Too prove my disbelief, she yank it out and showed it to me.

I was just too stunned to come to that truth.

This goes to show one of these few outcome,

1. I've been facing too much stress that it's taking a toil on my hair.

2. I've getting old.

3. I was shocked and surprised one time too many.

4. All the above.

Whatever the reason(s) maybe, this just strengthen the fact of the statement that Bernard cannot be a God.

HAHAHA!~ I'm losing it.

Love & Peace!~



yellow_monsta said...

haha, i can't imagine you old with long hair mans...


Jo said...

Dude...I already have more than SEVEN strands and you're like way older than me! *grinz*

Chill, it's a sign that you're maturing. :p

BlurChu? said...


Imagine Gandalf The White can already lah.

But me don't want to grow old... but i wanna mature. Hmmm... conflict of interest.