Monday, December 27, 2010

Timed timing.

I can't believe i missed putting up a Christmas greeting here in the blog, so


And since there're twelve days of Christmas (like the song), i'm not too late in wishing you, ya?

Christmas eve and Christmas itself this year was fun. Both Melissa D and myself, with the church children and youths (and young adults) visited houses and sang carols to the people in the houses.

Melissa D and me in the bus as we traveled from one house on to another in the island, caroling on Christmas eve.

Dressed in white tops, jeans and colourful ties/scarfs, we just had a fun-time singing out hearts out in the spirit of Christmas, without forgetting the reason of the season; the birth of Jesus Christ.

No turkey served, but we had good pasta in one of the houses!

The carolers, posing as they snack.

Again, more posing

Relaxing after we were done caroling in one of the houses

And it was bizarre that many thought Christmas, which falls on Saturday this time around, was Sunday! With the church services and 'usual routines' most of us go through, many thought we would go back to work as usual the following day. *argh*

But it was fun to be able to help Clictus and his family entertain a group of children during a Christmas party held at the Teh's (which is where i'm currently staying), and i do learn a lot about rationing food, doing one's best and entertaining guests.

And Christmas this year marks the first year anniversary of the engagement between Melissa D and me. And honestly, there are a lot of things to work out before we can be married to one another. Many challenges ahead, but with our loves for God and each other, we can make it.

All in good timing, according to God.

Love & Peace!~

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Miss Lime said...

Wow! Merry Christmas Bernard. May good tidings come both you and Mel's way...