Thursday, December 30, 2010

Knocked from behind.

The rear view of Werb Boom Boom. *ouch*

Without a cause, my car got hit from behind by a Kelisa driven by a blur-looking woman (no offence) as I was exiting into Burmah Road after work on Tuesday.

The other car was barely dented, but the same can't be said bout my car.

I didn't know the damage to my car until I examined it thoroughly.

After discussing, we agreed to not make a police report, and settling this outside the police station.

Just now, the dad and brother of the female driver took a foreman to assess the damage. The foreman then said it would cost about RM200 plus, and the cost is bared by the father.

I was at peace knowing my car will be fixed. But my friend Clictus warned me otherwise.

He shared with me about his friend who was in a similar situation, and let the guilty party fixed the car, only to have the parts replaced by inferior ones.

I shriek in silence, fearing the same incident could happen to me.

This could be a knock for me to be wiser. I pray it'll all be good.

Love & Peace!~