Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let's talk, listen and communicate

I can only think of several circumstances where one can actually throw a punch in an argument.

If it's a fist fight or the other guys asked for it (both figuratively and literally), both person in the argument can exert brute, physical force on one another. It's about fighting for one's pride, dignity and right.

But should it always be this way? Well, it would be a simple 'yes', if you are living in a cave, hunt for your food and wear animal skins for clothes.

But we're in civilised times, where we're connected with one another via emails, SMS and facebook and we need to interact with one another, be it for work or social purposes. No man is an island, right?

So, with conflicts and disagreements often popping up in the line of conversation, what can one do? Answer: Proper communication.

I've been reading this article online and i find it really good, not only for married or engaged couples, but even in other relationships (family, friends, etc). Click HERE to read more of about it.

But the gist of it (for those who are not reading the article), it talks about tips to fighting fairly over arguments, like not raising your voice, not being sarcastic, and not bottling up feelings.

If you're having problems with others, perhaps this is a good read for you.

Listen, if you don't want me to beat the living daylight out of you!

Love & Peace!~

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