Thursday, September 02, 2010

MyVi: My New Ride.

After running around from point A to B with a car, a few years younger than me for the past four years, I finally got a new set of wheels!

After driving a 19-year old Proton Saga, i'm now a proud owner of a (somewhat) new Perodua Myvi, SE!

My new car, Werb Boom Boom!

Yup, now both Melissa D and i have the same car, but mine's newer and is the Special Edition, which has the leather seats and sporty body kit.

My trip down KL a few weeks back wasn't solely to meet people, but to retrieve this baby back here for work.

My previous car was giving me a lot of problem, and i had to settle this problem soon, as not to affect my work, mobility and our upcoming wedding.

Hence, purchasing this car from my step-mom was the best decision to do lah.

And now, i have my own car... which i bought with my own hard earned money! And i can't simple drive this car recklessly, or like there's no tomorrow anymore. *sigh* But it's all good. Gotta take care of it, for the next ten years or so.

Check it out!

Compared to my previous car, this 2-year old car is way better.

Clocking only 30,000km when i was driving it up back to Penang, i finally get to experience what it is like to drive at an average speed of 110km/h, which my old car would have violently shaken (and possibly explode) before hitting 100km/h!

If i could drive my old car off a cliff (with me jumping out of it before it goes off the cliff, of course!) and watch it crash and burn, that would be spectacular. But it is a waste of money, pollution to the earth and it could still be used by brother. So, it lives another day.

My complaint is that the boot space is small, and i need to be extra careful with the car leathery interior and all. But i enjoy driving my car around!

There are still many features and i have yet to push, or in this case, drive, the car to its limits. I'm looking forward to many, many driving days with it!

*vroom vroom*

An accessory in conjunction with our 53rd National Day. Merdeka!

Love & Peace!~  

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daosapau a.k.a Jenn said...

welcome to the MyVi club! mine has leather seats too ^^