Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blessings all around.

The Hari Raya celebration was not celebrated visiting friends or eating kuih raya. Rather, I was at church camp, and it was awesome!

Initially, the camp's theme was Intentional Discipleship, but the camp speaker Pastor Don Barry, instead was prompted by God to speak about listening to God's voice. During the sessions, he spoke about how to listen to God's voice through inner impressions, dreams, signs and through others. I was intrigued and took interest in itm

But I was really caught off guard, when Pastor Don called out to me during the last session of camp, as I was about to take refill water. He prophesied that I would be someone of influence, who would do big things even though it would be unorthodox to the church. He said the word 'Bernard of Clairvoux' came to him, and that I'm someone wise. I was dumbfounded, but I need to seek God to know what His will is in my life.

Besides that, there was a lot of free time in camp, which was either used for meetings, relaxation or playing games. The other groups, which were the seniors and youth really creamed us at captain ball and soccer. Perhaps there was no proper formation or unity among us, or the others were way better than young adults....

But all in all, it was a great camp! And I think I'll upload some photos on this blog soon!

Over the weekend, I managed to attend my former Christian Fellowship advisor Ms Louise, who got married here at the Anglican Church along Jalan Bagan Jermal. Several of my CF friends, like Darren, Jing Hau, Michael, Eddy, Irene, Juliana, Mr Ben and several new friends, like Jane and Joycelin came up for the wedding ceremony and lunch reception. Unfortunately, I had to skip reception as I had church commitment to attend to in the afternoon.

Later at night, we met up to have dinner in Pulau Tikus and later at Crepe Cottage in Gurney Drive, where they serve some pretty decent desserts. Later, Melissa D joined in, and I introduced her to the gang.

I managed to spend time catching up with them, finding out how's life been treating them, work, CF updates and how the others were doing.

I'm blessed to know this group of people, and pray we'll have more chances to meet up in the near future.

Love & Peace!~ BC?

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