Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How often?

Sometimes, i wonder how often i should update my blog?

Some friends i know update it almost everyday, filling it with every bit of (at times, unnecessary) information of what they do in their life.

Others, updates their blog once a week or a month, but write substantial, mind-provoking and brain-cranking stuff.

If i were to go by the first group, i would post something like;

"Today, i managed to contact the person i need for my work before having lunch with Melissa D at New World Park! Had some dodol later in office while Facebook-ing. *Bliss*"

But by going on the second way, i can post something like this;

"Being a minority isn't always easy, and this was proven when i buka puasa with my fellow friends last night at Seoul Garden in Gurney Plaza.

Being the only one who can consume non-halal food (get the drift), i was surrounded with counterparts from various organisations and dined with them. I even 'break fast' with them as the clock striked 7.28pm, and tried to get to know a couple of them better while feasting.

I would have been the second Chinese person among them had Melissa D joined me, but she had agreed to a meeting prior to the invitation to buka puasa.

Between cooking, eating and interacting with them in their native tongue, i realise they are a nice bunch of people to hang out with. Sometimes i wish i had more non-Chinese friends.

Don't use the 'racist card' on me, but i rather have friends from various background, races, religious and belief than to be stuck with the same group of people. Nothing wrong with being with people of the same creed, but there is no other way to understand another culture better and to broaden your horizon than to miggle with many different people.

As we left, i wished my friends Selamat Hari Raya and a safe trip back, while one of my friend's kid salam-ed with me, and kissed my palm, a sign of high respect for those who are older. I felt honoured, and proud that my friend has brought up great respectful children.

As a nation striving to unite under the 1Malaysia concept, it's good to understand, tolerant and respect one another as we coexist in this wonderful country."

Well, i try to maintain it as much as i can, but i need to change the layout of this blog. Should try and get it done by this month!

Love & Peace!~  


Anonymous said...

Dear BlurChu,
you mentioned in your post that there are two types of poeple who blogs; one that blogs unnessasary things and one blog mind-provoking things..but i think even this 2types of people; they are actually writting something interesting, anyway i just want to tell you that by reading your blog i realize that 90% OF YOUR POST IS ABOUT THE MELISSA GIRL. Man, we know you love her but if you want to 'kutuk' other people's way of writtings you better look at yourself in the mirror first. And another thing about your broken ring, what made that you even blog about bad omen? thats a bad testimony to nonbelievers man.all of us at one point have our faith shaken but..bad omen proclaimed vs.building faith.. im sorry man if my words hurts but this is what i think. we shoudnt badmouth others when we ourself are fallen short man..And if you want to talk about melissa all the time, why dont you keep a diary instead. Thank you.

Melissa D said...

Dear 'Anonymous',

If you were so brave to write all these things, why not reveal who you are rather than hide behind the word 'Anonymous'?

And, fyi, if you do not like his style of writing, why bother looking at his blog? You, my friend, are contradicting yourself.

Furthermore, the blog is to express his views. It's his right to do that. Makes me wonder if you have a problem with it. If you do, then may I suggest that you read some other blogs, which you prefer.

Thank you.

BlurChu? said...

Dear Anonymous,

First of all, thanks for reading my blog, but i think you're missing out a point here - i'm just ranting my views. And if you read about the ring incident, i do not believe in bad omen, rather, i'm looking at the incident from a positive point of view.

From reading your comment, i think you're a bitter girl and you do not know me well enough to judge me.

But once again, thank you for visiting this blog. I'm taking your comment with a pinch of salt, and i'm continue to improve my posting. Failing which, you can read another blog.

Melissa D: *wink*