Monday, August 23, 2010

One good advice after another.

Without guidance, we are no different that lemmings following one another to their inevitable death from walking off a cliff.

I thank God for friends and people around me, who are there giving advises, consult and help in time of need.

Especially with the countdown moving, and the wedding date looms closer, there are still things to be planned, confirmed, revised and settled, which both Melissa D and i are still fumbling about.

While i was back in KL, i manage to catch up with Justin, about his life as a father and job in HELP. And i'm inspired by him on his advises given.

Although i didn't get a chance to meet several friends, but it is all good. After all, the main reason i was down in KL was to retrieve my 'new' car (which i will blog about ASAP) and to send Rowen back home (and face his father! HAHAHA!)

Back in KL, my dad and step-mom did give me a some advice about the wedding dinner and the housing in the future, with some disagreement and argument in between. But it's all good as nothing was held back and no grudges were kept.

Even back here, my friend, a photographer working for a rival company, shared many tips and gold nuggets on wedding planning and investing in a good house to stay in the future. I was taken aback and had a better insight of things.

So, for now, both of us will be planning for the wedding and confirming things ASAP, within two (or three) months to come while putting the house search on the island on hold.

Whatever it is, i give God all the glory and praise. With His wisdom, strength, love and courage, we can move forward!

Love & Peace!~  

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