Monday, May 31, 2010

Of Fingers and Numbers

If i had typed anything last Saturday night, my right thumb would hurt a lot. Reason being was i was holding power tools, an electric drill in particular, a lot during the day. What was i doing?

I was helping out the church's children pastor, Pastor Danny, to 'build' several masts for the upcoming Vacation Bible School, VBS for short, in mid-June.

Themed High-Sea Expedition, this 4-day camp would expect over 100 kids would be having fun, while learning God's Word through exciting activities. I would be part of the Games Station crew, and VBS'll be a splashing good time!

And with this, i had to take a few days off to commit, and i realised, i have less than a week's worth of leaves until the year ends.

Honestly, no one is to be blamed here. I took many days off for Chinese New Year as well as the church mission trip in February and March respectively. Only i am responsible for this pickle.

And my (leave) days are numbered indeed, leaving me a few days off for the rest of the year, and i might come down to KL, maybe once or twice this year. One of them will be for Kevan and Angeline's wedding in July.

Not to mention i would want to take leave for Church camp and Christmas as well. *sigh*

I treasure my leave days, very much. Hopefully, i would be wiser in dispensing them next year, with the wedding looming by.

Nine more months to go. A lot of planning to do. Keeping my fingers crossed and prayer close to heart.

"I watch as the daylight crawls
past the shadows hanging on the walls
it's been a long time since I felt the stains
of yesterday getting in my way

I'm alive but tell me am I free
I've got eyes but tell me can I see
the sky is falling and no one knows
we shouldn't be hard to believe
shouldn't be this difficult to breathe
the sky is falling and no one knows..."

Taken from Lifehouse's Sky is Falling

Love & Peace!~

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