Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's not like i care... but i'm not ignorant as well.

Not too long ago, i found out that the girl i once had a crush on got hitched in May.

We haven't been in contact for a couple of years now, maybe that's for the best. But i can't help feeling a little empty inside. Maybe i'm just being emotional today, being drained from several events.

If i say i'm indifferent about this matter, i would be lying. I can't do much but wish this gal all her best in this next step of life with her spouse.

For now, both Melissa D and i are planning for our wedding next year, with less than eight months to go.

On that one special day, i be by her side as we read our vows to love one another as husband and wife as we love God, in front of our family and friends.

For now, I'm reminded that i'm engaged to a wonderful, loving and kind fiancee, and i have God for me, who has great things awaiting me.

On a brighter note, not too long ago, my buddy's wife gave birth to a beautiful baby Alyssa.

Congratulations to both Justin Yap and Sher-Mayne! May you both nurture this gift from God according to His way, and love and cherish her everyday!

For now, no Cheah junior(s) for Melissa D and me, but one day, according to God's timing. I leave it all in our caring and awesome Jesus.

Love & Peace!~

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