Sunday, May 09, 2010

From the Bottom of My Heart

To my mummy in Heaven.
To women in my life, whom i consider a mother in many ways.
To friends who have become mothers themselves.
And those who have become grandmothers to their children's children.
To my step-mom.
To those who are expecting; on the way to motherhood.
And to those who would one day be a mother, such as my dear herself.


Without your guidance, teachings, love and dedication, i do not think i would be the man i am today. I would not know how to respect women, love one and be a man. Thank you.

Love & Peace!~


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Miss Lime said...

And to the sweet young son who will one day be a father, may the good Lord bless you with the perfect mother of your children!

Your "daughter" from uni-days.