Friday, April 30, 2010

Rocking sequels!

Yesterday and today, two blockbuster hit the cinemas here; Ip Man 2 and Iron Man 2, respectively.

The originals to these sequels, one from the East and the other West, has in the past have entertained movie goers a couple of years ago. And now they're back with much anticipation.

I can't comment much, since i've watched neither Iron Man 2 nor Ip Man 2.

But i've watched Iron Man, and i'm really waiting to watch the sequel!

I've read comments on facebook, on how cool both sequels are, up to a point someone came up with this poster.

When East meets West.

Best of both worlds? I suppose i would need to watch the first Ip Man movie before i can understand what goes on in the second movie. Well, time to get a hold of the copy from someone.

Have a good weekend, people!

Love & Peace!~


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