Friday, April 09, 2010

Get better, Rowen!

My stoner, hippie-wannabe brother. He ain't heavy, he's just lighter than me.

I recently got news that Rowen has been hospitalised because of dengue fever. It came as a shock to me, as what supposedly was a normal fever turned out for the worst.

My dad told me a few days ago that Rowen had only high fever. But later, he called me, telling me that my brother vomitted and had diarrhea and was admitted to the hospital back in KL... and the blood test confirmed he had Dengue.

Iggy told me that although the fever had subsided, his blood platelet count is at 20,000, which is quiet low. I just pray that he would get better, get back on his feet and continue work hard at his studies.

I pray by Jesus' stripes, he'll be healed.

Love & Peace!~


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