Friday, February 12, 2010

The train is moving.

I'm trying to type this entry as soon as possible, as Melissa D is waiting for me.

As i'm sitting in McD on mainland, i'm glad i'm blogging in the comfort of an air-conditioned room. The heat nowadays is crazy. I suppose it's the dry spell which usually tag along with the festive season. And the sun is just as round as a Mandarin orange.

And there were too many Mandarin oranges spawning in my office in the island, to a point the population started to be complacent and rot, literally. I decided to do some charity by giving some oranges to the security guard. I wish i could, but i can't send it to friends overseas who wants them. If there're leftovers, i'll give them away lah. If i keep eating, i think i'll just gain weight.

Speaking of plus sizes, ladies, do visit this website:, This Beautifull Boutique, is owned by my friend, and if you're looking for good, fashionable dresses and blouses, do visit the site. After all, shopping online is the new pink! I hope my KL friend can do well in promoting her business.

And both my dear and i are on the way to KL now. And we're not going on a train!


Love & Peace!~


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