Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back at work.

I'm now back at work on the island. All Chinese New Year-holiday mood was been sucked out of me, leaving me as a dead as a tombstone.

I'm drained to the bone, tired physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel void.

As i'm typing this, i'm still wondering if my trip down to KL this time around was worth it.

Well, from how i view it, i was great to have be with my family for the reunion dinner, as well as to meet my step-mom, as well as her family members. Of course, it was great to be able to meet some friends while i was there.

At the same time, while being in KL, some unfortunate things happened as well, including Melissa D getting a bad alcohol reaction, not being able to meet up with my buddies and other friends as well as damaging Melissa D's car.

I can only blame circumstances and the way i feel, and i did learn a few things being down there - including being more patient while trying to reverse a car and not making plans i cannot fully commit.

I can't say i was happy or regret coming down to KL. But since all these had happened, i can't turn back the past. Let bygones be bygones.

Anyway, looking at how things are, like my current family's situation, i'm losing reasons to come back to KL. I'm losing whatever memories of home which i once had. I don't feel belonged in KL anymore.

Again, i'm reminded that i'm 'one who is among them, but not one of them'.

"...Why should I care
Cause you weren't there
When I was scared
I was so alone
You, you need to listen
I'm startin to trip
I'm losing my grip
And I'm in this thing alone..."

Taken from Avril Lavigne's Losing Grip.

Love & Peace!~


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