Monday, February 22, 2010

Call it disconnected, but i call it an experiment.

After thinking it through, I've decided not to use my MSN messenger for awhile. As of late, i've not been active with it, not to mention that people rarely chat with me when there are at least 30 of them online at any given time.

Hence, i don't really see a reason in using MSN Messenger.

Even though i've not logged in a chat for awhile, but i'll leave it as it is for about six months or more, occasionally checking my email. But that does not mean i'm cutting ties with the people around me.

I'm still contactable via my mobile phone, email, facebook and this blog as well. Unless, of course, you only have my MSN and nothing else.

I think technology which is suppose to bridge people closer can also distant us. So, it's either absence makes the heart grow fonder; or out of sight, out of mind. Take your pick.

Love & Peace!~



daosapau a.k.a Jenn said...

i get u. i realised that ppl who chat with me is either bcos of work, or to ask me for of the reasons why i also don't bother signing in lately.

Pooi Chin said...

HI Bernard, just dropping you a quick note to inform that you are still on my mind although I don't msn with you. I rarely chat too. Lost the passion and patience for it... But I still think of you !

BlurChu? said...

Hey, girls!~

Thanks for dropping by! Appreciate you reading my blog, being one of those who continuously support me.

God bless you, Jennifer and Pooi Chin!