Sunday, February 28, 2010

I thank God for...

Just came back from our friends' wedding dinner. Both Melissa D and i were a little taken aback when we heard about both Max and Celine getting married so soon. But both of them were meant for each other, and we're happy for them.

Anyway, if i have to list down five things i could thank God for now, this would be it:

1. A fiancee who loves me for me, even though she can be unpredictable and wants to pinch me so darn often!

2. Money in my wallet.

3. A roof over my head and a sleep-able bed.

4. A job that brings in the money.

5. My family in KL.

I suppose if you can think of five good things in your life daily, life would be that tough, wouldn't it?

Another week is coming, and March will start soon. Have a great week, dear readers!

Love & Peace!~


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