Friday, November 07, 2008

The Rojak Series #19

"...I could sing you a tune or promise you the moon,
But if that's what it takes to hold you,
I'd just as soon let you go, but there's one thing I want you to know.
You better look before you leap, still waters run deep,
And there won't always be someone there to pull you out,
And you know what I'm talkin' about.
So smile for a while and let's be jolly:
Love shouldn't be so melancholy.
Come along and share the good times while we can.

I beg your pardon,
I never promised you a rose garden.
Along with the sunshine,
There's gotta be a little rain sometimes."

Taken from Lynn Anderson's Rose Garden

I've got a lot to blog about, but i'll write it all in short summaries lah! Let the TRS begin!

1. Black Man in The White House!

If you have not heard the news, Barack Obama is now the president of USA. Yes, the 44th president is the first African American to be president, after a long list of white men helming the post.

While many are happy with the choice Americans made, some are sceptical about him; ranging from how much he could change the future of American (and the world) to him being the harbinger of destruction.

But whatever it is, we'll wait and see. History will tell.

2. Facebook.

Yes, (I hate to admit it but) i'm officially addicted to facebook! The groups, the interaction, and the ability to tag one another on the photos are cool!

So, if you have an account, do add me. And i enjoy eating my words!

3. (Too many) Sunny Days

In the past, i complaint that there are too many raining days, which eventually led to flash floods in the area.

Nowadays, it has been really sunny and hot... good for drying clothes, bad for those constantly traveling under the sun.

Oh well, i'm now starting to appreciate the light showers every now and then. And you better watch for what you wish for, cause you just might get it!

4. Challenges and taking in Criticisms.

I believe as we grow older, there are more things in life we'll face and it'll be indeed challenging. Be it work or relationships, life isn't easy. But how we look at life, with the glass half full or negatively, is important. But at the same time, i believe we need to depend on God.

God do bring us through trials, not because He hates us or enjoy seeing people suffer, but to build our character and faith in Him.

And when we're given constructive criticisms, i believe we should take it in good faith, and learn to improve ourselves. It may be sharp and painful, but if we take time to reflect upon it, it could actually help us see who we really are through the eyes of others. And perhaps, change is indeed good for ourselves (and others).

I remember hearing this song in "The Pursuit of Happyness", where those in the church were singing, "Lord, don't move the mountain away, but give me the strength to overcome it."

That's my prayer.

6. The present... is now.

Just check this out. Very, very insightful.

Have a great weekend!~

Love & Peace!~



adrian said...

im also a facebook addict! hahaha! btw, hail obama!

BlurChu? said...

Addicts in the same boat, eh Adrian?

Anyway, me wanna add you into my list soon, ok?