Sunday, November 23, 2008

PDA: Where's the limit?

Honestly, like i asked above... where's the limit?

Can't a couple just be lovey-dovey, holding hands and be close to each other as they're minding their own business in the midst of people? It's not they're heavily petting each other in front of everyone!

Are other people just too busybody for their own good, or just simply jealous and spiteful of others' close and secured relationship?

Sometimes, i do feel like we're fishes in a fish tank, and everyone is just looking at us to make a blunder. *sigh*

Do tell me, how does one draws the boundary of showing affection to his/her significant half without pissing others of?

"I'm caught, and everyone is looking at me." *sigh* - picture taken from Reuters

"Look at me
You can take it all because this face is free
Maybe next time use your eyes and look at me
I'm a drama queen if that's your thing baby
I can even do reality..."

Taken from Geri Halliwell's Look At Me

Love & Peace!~



Anonymous said...

Screw the others. As long as you guys aren't behaving indecently or downright obscenely, then what the hell man. Even if some people may think that kissing in public may be going a bit too far (or at least those who may be more shy), there sure as hell is nothing wrong with holding hands in public.

- Nemo

jr said...

totally get what you're trying to say man. we're going through this problem too and the most we ever did in public was a hug.

Foong said...

So, who's pissed off about u 2 being all that lovey dovey? Her parents? Her brother? Eh, wanna kiss and heavy pet also don't do it in front of the parents la...that is definitely NOT wise. heheheheh...and yeah, don't do it in the office and at assignments too. That won't be professional.

.:dewgem:. said...

Remember how my significant other and I were lovey dovey in front of you? What's your reaction then? I mean, that time you haven't met Melissa D. lol.

So to some people, they are not brought up in a way to appreciate open-mindedness or public affection. I guess we couples must also understand other people's discomfort la. I mean, even though I'm in a relationship now, I would still feel uncomfortable if I see someone publicly displaying their affection for one another, near me!

Not sure whether I'm making sense. Haha. Maybe we should meet up and debate on this issue.

Anyways, my significant other and I ... don't so that anymore. Honeymoon period, over! *sniff sniff*

BlurChu? said...

Hey all,

Nemo: Well, we're not behaving indecently or downright obscenely. Just holding hands and waist in public, nothing more.

Jaya Rani: Oh well, what to do?!

Foong: Not her parents lah. But no kissing and heavy petting! And yes, noted about being professional! We both adhere to that.

Dewgem: I really can't remember how i acted lah. You must remind me! And we shall debate about it when both Melissa and i come down to KL!


Justin said...

Since everyone has their own opinion about the limit, why don't you ask the "pissed-off-others" why they thought what they did and then see whether you agree with their reasoning.

BlurChu? said...

Well Justin, some told me the limit is holding hands only... EVERYWHERE WE GO?!

For the both of us, i think we really enjoy each others' presence. After all, we have the same love language!~


Melissa D said...

Well, a good friend told us that we shouldn't mind what others say, as it is not easy to please everyone. She also said that to some people, even holding hands could be seen as too much.

For me, I'm really getting frustrated with people telling us to hold back on our PDA. I really am. But I think I've come to a point where I realise different couples set different kinds of PDA standards, if you get what I mean.