Friday, November 14, 2008

Straight As!

Check out today's papers or on the tube yesterday, and you would read/watch stories on student achieving straight A's in their UPSR examinations. Many proud parents thanking teachers for their effort to raise their kids in school.

And also, the fact that many pupils answered in English and prefer the language! Hmmm... i think the federal government should listen to these future voters!

Anyway, back to the main story, I remember, more than a decade ago, when i received my results. I got 4A's (back then, before it was changed to five subjects), and i was really excited.

I was almost in tears when my teacher told me that, and i immediately called my dad over the public phone! I was really darn happy, thinking that i could then score straight As in both PMR and SPM examination.

But i was dead wrong. I got some B's in PMR and in SPM, a C as well.

It was then, i realised life is not always about achieving straight As... rather, it's giving your best, and be satisfied for what you get. It's important to try your best, in anything you do, than not to try at all.

Honestly speaking, i reap what i sow, and i'm happy with what i get. But if i ever get to get even 4A's now, i'm content with that!

Love & Peace!~



Simpleton said...

Yeah man..i can totally relate to that. Though I wasn't the smartest to score straight A's, I realised that paper is not sufficient to keep you ahead of life. It's your attitude and the willpower that keeps you going.

Sometimes, parents ask a tad too much from their kids. I feel their pain and pressure. Are we falling into a world where children are being deprived of the fun we had during our childhood and our parents one? It's a sad case.

I failed my Add Maths for SPM :P & I'm not a failure. We just have to accept that we're not pro's in a certain area no matter how much we force ourselves to learn that field. We're all different.

God's Grace we can become useful people in this stressed-filled world.


BlurChu? said...

Hey, Bernard!~

We're all created uniquely lah, and let's not just let examination be the only factor for one's success!~

Yeah, we all need God's grace and mercy lah.