Thursday, June 26, 2008

24 (and a week): Pictures

These are some pictures from last week, when my colleagues celebrated my birthday at the office.

It helps to have a colleague who as a big photography skill and a bigger camera to take the shots.

Me confronting the birthday cake. It's the second cake i got, since Julius 'got' me one! And the cutie with my camera is Diana, currently interning with the company.

Me cutting the cake, with Masry zooming in. He knows his stuff around angles!

Look, i even earned a new surname on my birthday!

On Friday, Melissa D took me out to Gurney Plaza to watch Get Smart and late lunch at Chilli's. But technically, i drove my car, and i suggested Chilli's. So, i'm in the limbo of who brought who out. But that aside, it was all good!

These are presents i splurged on myself this year. A Sony Ericsson W380i Walkman phone (left) and the NWD-B105F Walkman MP3 player. Costed me RM1,000 and a hole in my wallet (literally) to purchase these early presents. And i might do a small review about them one of these days.

And they're names are BlackCell and WhiteNote, respectively. No points for guessing who's who.

Another 358 days to enjoy till i hit a quarter century old!

Love & Peace!~



Anonymous said...

it was too bad u cant it the cake that i sent you...our human technolagy has not reached that level yet...if only...if only...

been said...

omg...ur mp3 player is same model and same color with chinhan's one!

Melly said...

Fyi, -somebody- here will be hitting a quarter of a century old this November ;)

BlurChu? said...

"it was too bad u cant it the cake that i sent you", Julius?! HAHAHA!~ We have yet to reach there lah.

And really ah, Been!? I've got no idea. Wanted to get the black one, but couldn't find it here on the island.

FYI, Melly... me know, and i'm not rubbing it in....


melly said...

Heehee, I know that :P