Thursday, June 05, 2008

Up and up and not going down

It was a sad and shocking, but nonetheless sad day for many citizens of the multiracial and multi-religious country of Malaysia when its Prime Minister announced the hike of price of fuel and diesel.

Pandemonium attacked the hearts of the citizens, pushing them to hop into their cars, and heading down to the nearest petrol kiosk before they were slapped with the new price of RM2.70/litre of petroleum (and RM1 hike for diesel).

Whlist many citizens were stuck in traffic, either returning to their comfortable homes or eager to fill up, the storyteller comfortable sat witin the walls of GSC to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, which he enjoyed and dinner later, which he enjoyed it too.

On the way back home, before the clock striked 12, he discovered that the chaos was still taking its toll on the people.

Seeing through the eyes of the storyteller, vehicles of various shapes and sizes queuing and crowding at the petrol station on this island.

After seeing the sorry sight, he travelled on to discover an vacant petol station. But he also discover, after talking to the diligent and patient attendant that petrol was flat before it showed ten on the clock. The storyteller sighed, headed home and wonder what would be the next best thing to do in such circumstance.

Carpool? Maybe.
Cycle? Possible.
Fly? One day.

The storyteller invites the story readers to Click HERE and HERE for the more news.

If Malaysian story readers have heard nothing of this, you're either ignorant, or a lonely, sorry bumpkin who has no idea what the newspaper is, what more a new mobile phone or the Internet.

Love & Peace!~


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