Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today, BlurChu? turns another year older. He personally feels that he's getting too old, and wish he could stay young forever. Immortal. But as much as he would like stay young forever, like Joey of Friends making a pact with God to not pass 30, it's not possible!

For the first time, the author is celebrating his birthday away from home, on an island.

As much as he's away from family and friends, at least he thinks this beats spending the birthday with a broken arm, like what he did last year.

Receiving two cakes (one in a form of text message!), a lunch treat, two tea time treats, many SMSes, an MMS, comments on friendster and calls, he's glad that he has this group of people around who support and care for him. Since there are too many people to thank, BlurChu? has decided not to put their names down so that those he has unintentionally left out wouldn't feel hurt.

However, he don't expect much, thus he don't feel disappointed... much. Rather, he feels somewhat... content, he hopes.

But nevertheless, he is glad and blessed to be alive and kicking. Praise the Lord!

Chase: Why does everybody need to know my business?

House: People like talking about people. Makes us feel superior. Makes us feel in control. And sometimes, for some people, knowing some things makes them care.

Chase: I tell you my dad left, my mum drank herself to death, you gonna care about me more?

House: Cameron would. Me, I just like knowing stuff. I know you hate your dad, but I'm gonna tell you something...

Chase: I don't hate him. I loved him until I figured out it hurts a lot less to just not care. You don't expect him to turn up to your football match? No disappointments. You don't expect a call on your birthday, don't expect to see him for months? No disappointments. You want us to go make up? Drink a few beers together, nice family hug? I've given him enough hugs. He's given me enough disappointments.

House: Okay.

Chase: That's it?

House: That's it.

Taken from House, Episode 13: Cursed

Love & Peace!~


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