Monday, March 24, 2008

Just Pictures

If a picture speaks a thousand words, i would just let these pictures take the wheel for this entry.

Chicken chop and fried oyster, as i was dining at Northam Beach Cafe. The chicken chop's cheap, but the chips were soggy. And i think i have not tasted better fried oyster with eggs yet. So, it's tough to judge.

A bowl of Koay Teow soup. Simple but tasty. Oh, and relatively cheap too.

Ice Kacang at Lorong Selamat. As i tasted it, i recall my dad taking me to this same coffee shop for this icy treat. What makes it so good? Perhaps it's the ingredients he carefully chooses to put into the ice kacang? Or the skillful effort he puts into each bowl he serves the customers? Or it's a family recipe? No matter what the reason is, a spoonful of this cool dessert is the thing to have during a hot sunny day.

A plate of Nasi Kandar and a cup of teh tarik. Still don't understand the SMS send around to boycott this Penang delicacy among Chinese and Indians. So childish and racist.

The F1 Race car, as seen at Queensbay Mall over the weekend, at the Shell V-Power Racing Roadshow. I had to cover this while i was out covering another assignment. But it was all good!

Joshua Entol fooling around as he accompanied me as i was doing my work. We had good supper nearby my office and another round of teh tarik later in Air Itam. Since i known him (better) when he was still in studying for his SPM till now, he has grown from a eccentric, otak-tak-center dude into a mature, wise eccentric, otak-tak-center dude! Keep on walking with God lah, and He'll show you a lot for your life, dude!

Philippines BBQ chicken rice. A little pricey, but it was okay lah.

Plates of Fried noodles and Fried Singapore Beehoon... as both Joshua and i went for another round of supper, before heading down to Air Itam for a round of teh tarik!

As stated.

One of the tombstone at the Jewish cemetery at Jalan Zainal Abidin. Didn't know that this place, which was recommended by my university mate Daniel Sim, was just a stone's throw away from where i'm staying here in Penang. Interesting to see all these tombstones with Hebrew engravings is the remains of the past, which can be seen in the present day.

And a lot more to come lah... i'm anticipating more!

Now, for a plate of delicious Nasi Kandar... will try the mutton this time!

Love & Peace!~



shades said...

Jalan Zainal Abidin was formerly known as Jalan Yahudi...

BlurChu? said...

Hey, Alvin!~

Thanks for the info... but was Zainal Abidin a Jew? Hmmm... one ponders.