Friday, February 08, 2008

Mane No More, Not Man No More!

I've got friends who have such awesome hair.

For a person who adores long hair, i had to get a haircut.

It has been a month since i went to the hairstylist, and came out with the short hairstyle, seemingly similar to the one i got in high school.

This look got a mixed reaction, from praises and complements to shocks of horrors. Many of the older women who knows me gave good comments about it, while the youths at church said otherwise.

For a person who adores dreadlocks, it's a painful sacrifice i had to make. One of my bosses got me to do so.

I felt obliged. But hey, after all, I'm under probation; six months probation. For now, i just have to suck it up and just enjoy the flow.

I've got friends with such hair.

But hey, six months is enough to re-grow my hair into its full glory once again.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to all the readers celebrating this festival (those happily receiving those bountiful red packets and those sulkily giving them away).

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Love & Peace!~



LOSOPF ARtZ inc. said...

patience bro...ur hair will be able to grow long again...
buy over the SUN and make a rule that everyone has to have long hair...XD

BlurChu? said...

Waiting for that day, Julius.

Err... not the ruling over everyone, that is!