Monday, January 28, 2008

The Rojak Series #16

With so many things going on and so little time to blog about, i've decided to write another TRS:

1. Club Med: Fun Under The Sun

I was at Club Med, Cherating! Three days of fun, drinks, food and sun!

And i was with these people! Most of them were from other newspaper and magazine publication, while the rest were from some other companies. Got to meet familiar faces and new contacts! And we had a great time trying out the activities there and also miggling with the people there.

And the things you must try there includes:
1. Sailing
2. Archery
3. Flying trapeze
4. Kayaking
5. All the bar drinks

I wish i could stay there for another week!

2. Too good to be true

Early last week, i received an SMS from Celcom, stating that i won RM20,000! Here was what the SMS stated:

Congratulation! ....
Simcard anda Memenangi Cek Tunai RM20,000 Dari CELCOM. Sila hubungi Call Centre : 006281342211355

Yes, it was too good to be true. Thus, this prompted me to call the actual call centre (No, that number in the SMS isn't the number!), only to discover it is an SMS scam.

I wanted to tell my supervisors about this news, but apparently scams like this have been going around for the past couple of years under the guise of other telco.

The best way to make money is still the hard way - the honest way.

3. Meeting Old Faces
Last Sunday, Justin Tan stayed over to run some errands here in PJ the following day. At night, both of us met up with David and Dewgem to watch Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Before the movie, we had a couple of rounds of pool.

The movie was a dark comedy, and had an interesting plot with it. Kudos to Johnny Depp for his eccentric performance as the title character and Tim Burton for collaborating with Depp for the sixth time! This gloomy, gory musical is indeed one movie to watch!

And on Thursday, i met up with my classmates at SS2 Murni for dinner/drink. It was great to meet up with Alex, Eu Wah, Lily, Chin Han, Grace, Pek Mei and Chee Been. Had many laughs and exchanging of opinions (read: gossips) over cups of tea and chicken chops.

I guess the next time i'll be seeing them would be after Chinese New Year. I'm suppose to plan something - and will post it up on the Yahoo! Groups. Not sure what we're gonna do, but i'm stating Chinese New Year clothes as the dress code!

4. Work
Yes, i've still got a long way to go here at the office. But i'm enjoying myself here - every single day.

But i really have to buck up, as i've the people around me have high expectations of me. Personally, i would also want to improve to not only be good, but also not be a burden to others.

"I had heard from lots of seniors that what you learn in school doesn't really help you in the real world. I didn't expect to be this useless."

Yuuta Takemoto, from Honey and Clover, Episode 23:"... and once again, I begin to run"

5. New Faces
Speaking of which, i would need to not only meet people, but to contact them occasionally to get my job done.

Pretty scary to approach strangers and start small talk with them, but i'm still learning to be a good journalist!

One day at a time.

6. CNY
I think i'll be celebrating here at home. Wouldn't be going out much, and would try to use the time given to finish my backlogs i have.

And i haven't started looking for new clothes yet. Though, i bought a new sling bag for work yesterday. Will start using it tomorrow!

Love & Peace!~


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